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CFF Spotlight on: Picture Remedy Films

Local filmmaker, p.m. Lipscomb, from Hamilton, Ohio won Best Regional Film in the #CFF2014 and was runner-up for Audience Choice for his film, “Everything Will Be Fine”, a gripping tale about a young homeless couple, and their daily struggles on the streets of Cincinnati.

Their latest film, “Willa’s Peach,” tells the story of a young girl and the tumultuous environment she is forced to live in.

You can help support this talented local filmmaker’s latest efforts by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign, to support the post-production and project completion.


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A Cincy Film a Day...

CFF Spotlight on: Joe Zappa

You might remember Joe’s work from his latest CFF film, screened during the CFF 2014 edition of Cincy Showcase, “The Last Checkmate”

Or from his 2013 CFF Official Selection film, “Whisper”,

Joe has been busy working on a new web series project, “Clever Girl“. http://www.clevergirlwebseries.com

You can keep up to date on the project at:
Facebook isyourheartracing
Twitter @CGWebSeries

Check out his amazing pitch video and help his campaign by donating to his Kickstarter campaign at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1591562953/clever-girl-a-web-series

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A Cincy Film a Day...

CFF Spotlight on: Dog Day Films

Filmmaking team Michael Maney and Ryan Lewis created this thriller that swept multiple film fests.


Dog Day Films also took top honors at the Cincinnati 48 Hour Film Project, going on to get international acclaim and create a short for Visa.

They have made their first feature film: Dusk, which they are searching for finishing funds via Kickstarter.

You can support this Cincy made film by contributing to the project at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1667035685/duskfilm

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A Cincy Film a Day...

CFF Features: Spotlight on Rebel Pilgrim Productions

Rebel Pilgrim Productions is a Cincinnati based production company that has been in the CFF program in 2010 with “Hitting the Nuts”, 2011 with “Fenced Off”, and 2013 with “A Strange Brand of Happy”.

“Hitting the Nuts” won the feature Audience Choice award in 2010. It is a mockumentary that follows the outrageous characters underground poker tournament in a small town in Indiana.

“Fenced Off” is a drama about a young couple that moves into a new town and has to deal with racial stereotypes and cultural assumptions by both neighbors, and themselves.

“Strange Brand of Happy” is a faith-based rom-com about a bachelor who loses his job and haplessly chases the same woman as his ex-boss, and through his challenges, finds himself and connects with his spiritual side.

All three films, and their other productions, are now available on DVD at: http://www.rebelpilgrim.com/our-work/movies-tv/

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A Cincy Film a Day...

2013 CFF Official Selection: Conscious

Written and Directed by David James
Co-Produced and Edited by Rob Woodward
Production, Sound, Color by Mean Key Productions.

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A Cincy Film a Day...

2014 48 Hour Film Project Cincinnati Winners

48 Hour Film Project is an international timed filmmaking competition where filmmakers have 48 hours to write, shoot and edit a film. Over 130 cities compete in the annual event, and the Cincinnati competition has been running since 2003.

2014 Best Film “An Interview” by Kartwheel Klub

2014 2nd Runner Up: “Bull in a Bookshop” by Anchor Point Images


1st Runner Up: “The Briefcase” by Eye Candy Productions

Best Use of Character [tie] “It’s in the Hole” by Out on a Limb Studios “The Finnish Line” by 57 Films

Best Use of Prop “Drungs” by Fantactus Productions

Best Use of Line “Faceless” by Parallel Productions

Best Use of Genre “An Interview” by Kartwheel Klub

Best Costumes “Door2Door” by Vault51 Productions

Best Special Effects “Portal” by Refractv Media Solutions

Best Graphics “The Finnish Line” by 57 Films

Best Sound Design “Faceless” by Parallel Productions

Best Musical Score “Bull in a Bookshop” by Anchor Point Images

Best Cinematography “Briefcase” by Eye Candy Productions

Best Editing “Briefcase” by Eye Candy Productions Best Acting [tie] “An Interview” by Kartwheel Klub “Curveball” by A Mutual Perspective

Best Writing “Drungs” by Fantactus Productions Best Directing “Bull in a Bookshop” by Anchor Point Images

The Cincy 48HFP Best Film winner also screens at the Cincinnati Film Festival, and will screen again in Hollywood, CA last week of February 2015. Kartwheel Klub also won a filmmaking prize package including:

  • A free screening night at the 20th Century in Oakley
  • $500 rental package from Midwest Grip and Lighting
  • $500 rental package from The Camera Department
  • $200 rental package from Gripmeister Lighting Services
  • $100 Gift Certificate for media in the Pond5 Library

Find out more info about the 48HFP at: http://48hourfilm.com/cincinnati http://www.facebook.com/cincy48 http://twitter.com/cincy48

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