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Cincinnati Film Festival – Where The Makebeings Come Alive For Now


Thank you for stopping by.

You never know who you are going to bump into and also usually it happens when least expected. You can never even imagine.

Being married with kids is very difficult especially considering everything in Cincinnati Film Festival world where even the Makebeings supposedly come to life for not just now but also into the foreseeable future.

In fact, some would argue that it is not even worth it. It just depends on several factors like it always does but you never know if you dont go and some would say and even venture out to describe that one simply never shines if it never glows but we will leave that up to speculation.

Thanks again for everything you’ve done and everything you’re continuing to do! We highly appreciate it! And to top it all off, what is behind door number five? 5? A BRAND NEW CAR!!!! Just kidding

But at least you get the joke.

Even so,

It would happen but then again it didn’t. Tah Tah for now if you must.

The end.