Screenplay Contest

CFF’s Screenplay Competition

Without further ado, here are our SHORT Screenplay WINNERS

1st PLACE: THE FINICKY CAT by Garin Pirnia (Cincinnati, Ohio). Logline: John and Mary adopt a cute cat named Mittens, but they later find out it has a hankering for human brains. The couple must succumb to the cat’s insatiable hunger–or else. It’s loosely based on a true story.

2nd PLACE: EXILED by Jas Shenstone (Perth, Australia). Logline: A military parade offers a young exiled woman the chance to see her lover again after five years apart.

3rd PLACE: ODUM by Chidi Ezeibieli (Nigeria, Africa). Logline: When a naive teen discovers that she’s actually a shape-shifting leopard, she gets caught in the middle of a centuries-old feud and must lead her leopard clan in battle against an ancient serpentine rival that threatens their very existence.


1st PLACE: HALFWAY HOME by David J. Schroeder (Miami, FL). Logline: A recently paralyzed young man’s troubled spirit and intellectual pride are challenged as a live-in supervisor in a halfway house for the mentally disabled.

2nd PLACE: A COOL STRANGE by Fabian Martin (Culver City, CA). Logline: A “lifeless” teacher unexpectedly finds solace in a former student who reintroduces him to the joys of life.

3rd PLACE: WELCOME TO LAND’S END by Charles Haigh (Torrance, CA). Logline: A troubled teenaged girl encounters horrifying creatures and oddly familiar faces at a secluded reform school in the Florida Everglades.

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CFF’s Screenplay Competition (sponsored by Screenwriting Staffing) was created in order to provide winning screenwriters’ with the necessary tools, resources, and industry connections to SELL their work in today’s film industry. Winning or placing in a screenplay contest is great, and a huge ego and resume booster. But unless the contest equips the winning writers’ with the proper opportunities to accelerate their career – script sales, screenwriting jobs, representation, and proper introductions –  then it’s just another “award” to hang over your desk.  So at the Cincinnati Film Festival our goal is simple: winning OUR contest puts YOU in the best position to launch a career as a WORKING screenwriter.

Win or Lose, all feature-length submissions receive FEEDBACK! Having an unbiased, second-pair of eyes analysis on your screenplay is crucial in this industry. Too many times writers send their script away to contests and don’t win, NEVER understanding why they got rejected. But NOT at CFF. We understand it takes a solid screenplays to sell. And just because you don’t win this year’s contest, we STILL want to see your screenplay SELL! That’s why CFF offers 1 page of coverage on each submitted script. We touch on story, character development, dialogue, marketability, budget, & much more!


Contact the Director of this year’s CFF Screenplay Contest, Jacob N. Stuart:

[Jacob is an award-winning, produced, and represented screenwriter. He has had OVER 10 scripts produced to screen, airing in OVER 7 different countries. He is the Founder of Screenwriting Staffing, Chief-in-Editor at The Backstory, and a Screenplay Judge for Universe Multicultural Film Festival.]