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Our CFF Supporters

We can’t put on this major event without the help of our friends! Thank you to our crew!

2015 Sponsor of the Giving Back Screening Room:

Thank you to our sponsor Fuel Cincinnati!

2015 Producers

Lauren Hudson

2015 Co-Producers

Mary Godschalk

2015 Production Assistants

Jim Levinson – JEL Systems
Gene Sorkin – & Our Friends at the Laurel & Hardy Chimp Tent!
Hans-Martin Rall

Club 120

Julia Bishea
Sandy Eichert
Parminder Saini
Joe Zappa

2015 Film Fans

Lauren Kallareou
Justine Moore
Mary Jo Schottelkotte
Eric Sterwerf

2014 Co-Producers

Mary Godschalk

2014 Production Assistants

Ryan Lewis
Ron McDermott
Write UP Creative Content

2014 Film Fans

Derek Bauman
Maryana Bhak
Josh Flowers
Emily Kimball

2013 Executive Producers

Martin & Marilyn Wade & Rookwood Pottery

2013 Co-Producers

Jerry Schlagheck, Photography

2012 Associate Producers

Cal Adler
Butch Hubble
Scott Griffith
Mirepoix Pictures
Stacey Walsh
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2012 Production Assistants

Brennan Bradford
Andy Cunningham
Sara Drabik
Pam Kettman Ford
Melissa Godoy
Lauren Litton
Fred Neurohr
Northside Tavern
Norwood Community Television
Kathleen Riemenschneider
Gene Sorkin
Leah Stone
The Legend of Grassman
Anthony Wilson
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2012 Film Fans

Kenneth Dale Allen II
Daniel Augur
Will Benson
Barry Burns
Alex Cline
Stephanie Cornett
Tony Darnell Davis
Shannon DeBra
Michele DeCresce
Blis DeVault
Mike Freland
Sean Gable
Chris Gerrard
Eric Hintz
Lori Hiltenbeitel
Jeffrey Johnson
Kenneth Jordan
Dan Kaufman
Ellen Knecht
Brad Lednik
Jim Levinson
Chelle Magin
Tyler Meyer
Bill Rinehart
Deirdre Root
David Smith
Mark Stambaugh
Sean Thomson
Jeff Winkelman
Sandy Wischnewsky
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Co-Producers, Line Producers, Executive Producer levels still open!

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