CFF Features: Spotlight on Rebel Pilgrim Productions

Rebel Pilgrim Productions is a Cincinnati based production company that has been in the CFF program in 2010 with “Hitting the Nuts”, 2011 with “Fenced Off”, and 2013 with “A Strange Brand of Happy”.

“Hitting the Nuts” won the feature Audience Choice award in 2010. It is a mockumentary that follows the outrageous characters underground poker tournament in a small town in Indiana.

“Fenced Off” is a drama about a young couple that moves into a new town and has to deal with racial stereotypes and cultural assumptions by both neighbors, and themselves.

“Strange Brand of Happy” is a faith-based rom-com about a bachelor who loses his job and haplessly chases the same woman as his ex-boss, and through his challenges, finds himself and connects with his spiritual side.

All three films, and their other productions, are now available on DVD at:

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